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Descendants of Samuel Handley

Generation One

1. Samuel1 Handley was born in 1777 at PA.1 He married Mary Martha Ripple on 4 Sep 1804 at Muhlenberg Co, KY.2 He died circa Apr 1852.3

1840 deed 25 Jan, Samuel and wife Mary land to Hardin Myers N2 SE4 sec 13t12 r12 1850 census Edgar Co IL, Sm'l in hh of Joseph Dickson and Sarah, nee Handley per Edgar mg records -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. T. Handley, a native of the Prairie State owns and occupies acomfortable homestead in Hutton Township on section 11, and since hisresidence here has identified himself thoroughly with the interests ofthe people of his township. He was born in Edgar County, Sept. 15, 1824,and is a descendant of excellent Irish ancestry, his grandfather, SamuelHanley, having been a native of Ireland. The father of latter died whilehe was young, and when about fifteen years old he ran away from home,determined to try his fortunes on this side of the water. He had readconsiderably of America and without bidding his mother, brothers orsisters good-bye, embarked on a sailing-vessel, and with the high hopesof youth, made the tedious voyage from Liverpool to New York.Thence heproceeded to Pennsylvania where he engaged to work on a farm and was verysuccessful in his efforts in the New World. Samuel Hanley married early in life, his bride being Miss MaryRipple, and they settled near Louisville, Ky., where young Hanleyestablished a distillery and remained in business for fifteen years. Hefinally sold out, and coming to this State entered forty acres of landat$1.25 per acre in Edgar County, and not long afterward started adistillery there also, which he operated in connection with farming untilhis death. He departed from the scenes of his earthly labors in thespring of 1852, when he was about seventy-eight years of age. His wifehad died three years previously, being seventy-five years old. Thefifteen children born of this marriage were named respectively,Joseph,Matthew, William, Lyda, Polly, Sythn, Michael, Anthony, Samuel,Ephraim, John, David Betsy, Sallie, Savilla. Most of these are deceased. more to come copied from Coles Co. History 1876-1976 Illinois. Reference: 129478. Reference: 4442. He was Type: Moved in 1819 at Sims Twp, Edgar Co, IL. He appeared on the census of 1850 at Clark County, IL.

Children of Samuel1 Handley and Mary Martha Ripple were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Joseph2 Handley (Samuel1) was born on 9 Jun 1803 at Kentucky.19 He married Sarah Hendsley on 14 Oct 1824 at Edgar Co, IL.20,21 He married Sarah Bowen on 2 Apr 1834 at Edgar Co, IL.22 He married Nancy Anderson on 22 Oct 1864 at Hutton Twp, Edgar Co, IL.23 He married Mary A Bates in Apr 1866.24 He died on 11 Jan 1880 at Hutton Twp, Coles Co IL, at age 76.25

Joseph Hanley, the father of our subject, was the eldest child of hisparents, and was born near Louisville,Ky., June 9, 1803. He received avery limited education, and upon becoming old enough to labor declined towork in the distillery and was allowed to confine his industry to thefarm. Upon reaching a marriageable age he chose for his bride MissSallie Hendsley, who became his wife when a maiden of fifteen years. Soonafterward he entered forty acres of land in Edgar County, where he livedtwelve years, then selling out went into Pike County and entered eightyacres. This also he sold two years later, and after buying and selling160 acres, took up his residence in Hutton Township, this county, in thespring of 1836. Here he entered first eighty acres and afterward doubledhis landed area, and proceeded with the improvement and cultivation ofhis property until his death, which took place Jan. 11, 1880. He had beena worthy and esteemed citizen, and a member in good standing of theBaptist Church. The young wife of Joseph Hanley only lived four years after theirmarriage, dying while a resident of Edgar County, Oct.4,1828, and beingonly nineteen years of age. She possessed many lovable qualities and wasa member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. There were born of thismarriage four sons, William, John T., Samuel, and a babe who diedunnamed. Mr. Hanley , in 1832 was married to Miss Sallie Bowen, and ofthis union there were born eight children, viz., Joshua, Jacob R.Michael, Stanley, Mary Ann , David ,George,and Louisa. The mother ofthese died at the home of her husband in Hutton Township in May, 1862,aged forty-six years. She was a lady of many excellent qualities and amember of the Baptist Church. The third marriage fo Joseph Hanley waswith Miss Nancy Anderson, and took place in Hutton Township Oct. 22,1864.The only child of this marriage was a daughter, Nancy, and the mother afew days after her birth was taken with measles, and died Oct.22. 1865.The fourth wife of Joseph Handley was formerly Miss Mary A. Bates, towhom he was married in April 1866. There four children were Joseph,Arvilla, Marcus C. and Dennis. This lady is still living. more laterlooks like he was hard on wifes. Shirley. Reference: 134085. Reference: 134054. Reference: 134060. He was Type: Lived circa 1824 at Edgar Co, IL.

Children of Joseph2 Handley and Sarah Hendsley were as follows:

Children of Joseph2 Handley and Sarah Bowen were as follows:

Children of Joseph2 Handley and Mary A Bates were as follows:

Children of Joseph2 Handley and Nancy Anderson were:

3. Lydia2 Handley (Samuel1) was born circa 1806 at Muhlenberg Co, KY.27 She married William Knight on 6 Mar 1826 at Edgar Co, IL.28 She married Joseph Clapp on 9 Nov 1826 at Edgar Co, IL.29 She died before 1889.

Reference: 4522. She birthplace from 1870 census Douglas Co IL Edgar IL mg rec, Joseph m 1873-21-09 Dickson, Sarah J. (nee Handly) Bible record of Joseph from Bessie Clapp via Edythe Stephens. Reference: 134173. Reference: 134178.

There were no children of Lydia2 Handley and William Knight.

Children of Lydia2 Handley and Joseph Clapp were as follows:

4. Matthew2 Handley (Samuel1) was born in 1806 at Muhlenberg, KY.34 He married Elizabeth Witen on 29 Oct 1831 at Edgar Co, IL.35,36 He died on 15 Mar 1882 at Edgar Co, IL.37 He was buried UNKNOWN at Pleasant Hill Cem.38

Reference: 134153. Reference: 4521. He Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. He appeared on the census of 1850 at Edgar Co, Ill.39

Children of Matthew2 Handley and Elizabeth Witen were as follows:

5. Michael2 Handley (Samuel1) was born circa 1809 at Muhlenberg Co, KY.40 He married Susannah C Griffin on 10 Jul 1848 at Clark Co, IL.41 He died on 10 Jul 1848 at Clark Co, IL.42

Reference: 4524. He Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. Reference: 134218.

Children of Michael2 Handley and Susannah C Griffin were:

6. Samuel2 Handley (Samuel1) was born on 11 Mar 1810 at Muhlenberg Co, KY.44 He married Margaret Clapp on 28 Jul 1835 at Edgar Co, IL.45 He married Cena Williams on 9 Aug 1838 at Edgar Co, IL.46,47 He died on 5 Sep 1884 at age 74.48 He was buried UNKNOWN at Knight-Quinn Cemetery, Edgar Co, IL.49

He was also known as Jr. Reference: 4196. He 1835 mg to Margaret Clapp 1839 mg to Lena Ripple Williams 9 Aug 1850 census ???Edgar Co IL 1860 census ???Edgar Co IL Edythe Stephens cites will p277-8 Edgar Co IL ch from census and will: George W. b 1840, Mary Ann b 1842, Delilah b 1843, Sarilda b 1845, JohnT/M b 1856, Sarah b 1847, William H. b 1849, Arminta b 1850, Michael E. b1855, Howard R. b 1857, Henry A b 1859, Dora, Allen, Isaac, Samuel. Hiswill says he was a blacksmith in Oliver. Reference: 110464. Reference: 129472. He and Margaret Clapp Marriage record Edgar Co Book LA p27 license #422, no return He remarried 9 Aug 1838 Lena Williams. He appeared on the census of 1850 at Edgar Co, IL 1850 Federal Census 1380/1420.50

There were no children of Samuel2 Handley and Margaret Clapp.

Children of Samuel2 Handley and Cena Williams were as follows:

7. Cynthia2 Handley (Samuel1) was born circa 1814 at Muhlenberg Co, KY.69 She married John Hyden on 29 Oct 1831 at Clark Co, IL or Edgar Co, Il.70,71 She died after 1880 at Texas.

She was also known as Sithey. She Other researchers have her death as abt. 1880 in Johnson Co., Texas. Idon't know where they got this information. 1880 Johnson Co., Texas census: 82nd district 3 June 1880 Next to John Bullard 39-42 Asa Bullard W M 33 Farmer bn. Mo. father SC mother TN Savilla M. W F 34 Ill. VA KY Louisa E. W F 11 dau. TX Margaret M. W F 10 dau TX Drusella W F 7 dau TX Justin W M 6 son TX Lonzo W M 4 son TX Samuel W. W M 3 son TX Lemuel R. W M 4/12 son TX Favor, Sipha W F 66 mother-in-law bn Ky. father PA mother PA. Reference: 134293. Reference: 4528.

Children of Cynthia2 Handley and John Hyden were as follows:

8. David2 Handley (Samuel1) was born on 5 Jul 1818 at Muhlenberg Co, KY.76 He married Susan Dickson on 12 Oct 1841 at Edgar Co, IL.77 He married Hannah Patterson on 4 May 1842 at Clark Co, IL.78 He died on 19 Nov 1894 at Edgar Co, IL, at age 76.79

Reference: 99073. Reference: 4530. He The maiden name of the mother of our subject was Mary Ripple. She was anative of Pa. and the daughter of Michael Ripple, who was likewise bornin that state and is of German descent. He served through theRevolutionary War under the direct command of Gen. Washington andafterward established himself on a farm in Ky. whence he removed to 1825. He spent his last days in Sims Township passing away at a ripeage. The mother likewise died in Paris;both were members of the ChristianChurch. There large family of 15 children grew to mature years,were neversick a day, never had a doctor and never lost a meal until after they hadgrown to manhood and womenhood. Joseph, Matthew, William and Lydia aredeceased. Mary is a resident of ClarkCity, Il. ; Michael Cynthia, Samuel,Anthony, and Ephriam are deceased. John is a resident of Paris Twp. .David our subject, was the next in order of birth. Elizabeth and Sarahare deceased. Savilla is a resident of Paris, Il. Copied from:Vermillion and Edgar Counties History Book 1889. I will try to send morelater. Do you want me to send the whole article it is several pages andis about David Handley. Shirley The following is copied from Vermillion and Edgar co. Il. History Book1889.Under David Handley: The father of our subject was Samuel HANLEY, anative of Pa. and his paternal grandparents was born in Ireland. Thelatter crossed the Atlantic at an early day and there after farmed in Pa.the remainder of his life.Samuel served an apprenticeship of shoemakingand early in life established himself on a farm in Muhlenberg,Ky. wherehe became well-to-do. He contracted the western fever however, and in1819 came to Ill. and entered land in Sims Twp. Edgar Co. Ill. He put upa house and established the first mill in this region. He afterwardsimproved four different farms and likewise established the firstdistillery in the county. He was a man of great energy and industry anddied in Paris at the age of 85 years. Pamela there is a bit about hiswife Mary in this to. I will try and send it to you in the next few daysif this sort of thing is of interest to you. One of the places he livedin while in Ky. was called Clifty Creek. I have written down Mulenburg CoKy, Book 5 page 325 Deed Book Sept. 4, 1822 Samuel Handley Hanley andwife Mary sold on Clifty Creek 150 acres for $400. to Isaac Newton.Samuel HANLEY signed, his wife signed with an x. Shirley Copied from the Vermillion and Edgar Counties History Book 1889 DAVIDHANLEY In the year 1819 it is hardley necessary to say, very few whitepeople had ventured into, central Illinois or into any part of the state.Among them that year came Mr Hanley, who is probably one of the oldestliving residents in the county. Deer, wild turkey, wolves, and Indianswere plentiful, the latter principally the Cherokees and they oftencamped near the cabin of the white man. Our subject had Indian boys forhis playmates and although they frequently differed in their ideas, heseldom had any serious conflict with them. He often recalls the time whenthe farmers threshed their grain with a flail, the grain being laid onrails with linen sheets underneath to catch the kernels. For ten yearsafter coming here they drove through with a team to Chicago, making thetrip with four yoke of oxen and consuming one month. They kept this up aslate as 1838. For their recreations the settlers had log rollings, cornhuskings, and dancing. The subject of this notice was born in Muhlenburg County, Ky.,July5, 1818,and a year later his parents set out by wagon to Illinois. Thesenes of his first recollection lie in Edgar Co., where he began work ona farm when a boy. His early education was conducted in a log schoolhousewith the ground for the floor, slabs for seats and desks, greased paperfor window panes, a huge fireplace extending nearly across one end andthe smoke coaxed through a chimney built outside of mud and sticks Young Hanley remained at home until twenty one years old and then untiltwenty five employed himself as a farm laborer. He then in 1843 entered160 acres of land in Sims township.This was mostly covered with timber.He had before entering, worked it in order to get money to secure it forhis own. He proceeded successfully with its improvement and purchasedeighty acres adjoining. In due time he became the owner of 240 acres andlived upon it eight years. Then selling out he rented land in Paristownship five years. then purchased 240 acres adjoining Redmon, which wasunimproved and upon which he labored industriously until 1877. Thenselling out he removed to his present place, a well cultivated farm of160 acres. In 1878 he rented this and removed to the northwestern part ofShiloh township and followed agriculture there five years as a renter. In1883 he returned to his old farm which had been greatly rundown in themeantime and which he has improved, building fences putting in tile andplanting walnut and mulberry trees. He has 120 acres under the plow. Thesoil is very fertile and moistened by a running stream. The homesteadlies 14 miles from Paris Mr Hanley has good cattle and swine with 14 headof draft horses and uses about four teams in his farm work. The marriage of our subject with Miss Hannah Patterson occurred in Simstownship May 5, 1842. Mrs Hanley is the daughter of William Patterson, anative of Pa. and born near the city of Pittsburg. His father, WilliamPatterson,Sr. was a native of Ireland and upon coming to America locatedin Pa. where he spent his last days. William, Jr. removed from Pa. toWarren City, Ohio when a lad of 10 years. There he grew to man's estateand worked in Cinncinnati in a rope factory until his marriage. Afterwardhe engaged in farming in Southern Ohio and lived there until the fall of1833 Then coming to Ill he located at Walnut Grove in Kansas Township,where he engaged in farming and milling. Subsequently, however, hereturned East, as far as Lake County, Ind. where his death occurred. Hewas a Republician politically, and in religious matters a member of theMethodist Episcopal Church. The maiden name of the mother of Mrs. Hanleywas Nancy Hamilton she was a native of Virginia born near the town ofMoresfield and was the daughter of Thomas Hamilton, who was born inEngland. He seved in the English army and as a soldier of that army wasbrought over the Atlantic,to fight, the colonists. This he did not wishto do so deserted the ranks and located in Virginia and lived in Palmyra,Warren County the remainder of his days. The mother of Mrs. Hanley wasreared to womanhood in Ohio and died in Momence, Ill. in 1884 when 84 yrsold. Of the nine children born to the parents, six are living viz: Sarah,a resident of Wellington, Ill; Catherine, lining in Will County,Ill.;Hannah-Mrs.Handley;Caroline is deceased; Russell a resident of WillCounty; Henry and Leander of Danville. Leander during the late warenlisted in 1861 in the 42nd Ill. Infantry and served until the close.The deceased are William, Caroline, and Emma. Mrs Hanley was born near Palmyra, Warren City, Ohio Jan 16, 1828. Shecame to Ill. with her parents when a child, they making the journeyoverland with teams. She was fond of her books and by close applicationobtained a good education. She learned thoroughly all housewifely dutiesand was particularly expert at weaving. She has kept up her interest inreading and study and is thoroughly well informed. The twelve childrenborn of her marriage with our subject were named respectively: SarahJ.,deceased; Savilla; Nancy deceased; Caroline; William; Ellen deceased;Leander,Henry, Thomas, Emma, Lizzie and Hannah. Sarah J. became the wifeof Condy O'Donnell;and they are both deceased;Savilla married StephenJump , who is now a retired farmer and they live at Brocton; Nancy wasmarried to George Wood; Caroline was the wife of George Coffer, Of BaxterSprings, Cherokee City, Kansas;Ellen married a Mr Masssey and at herdeath left three children; Leander is a house carpenter and lives in Ft.Gibson, Indian Territory; Henry is farming in Crocker City Kansas ;Thomasis farming in Shiloh Township, Edgar City; Emma ,Mrs. Massey, is aresident of Champaign City, Il., Lizzie, Mrs Russel, lives in HendricksCity, Ind. Hannah is the wife of Abner Russell and they occupy the homefarm; they have 2 children, Everett Lee and Emma. Mr Hanley for four years affliliated with the Democratic party but inthe election of 88 cast his ballot for Benjamin Harrison and intendshereafter to support the republican party. He was Path(?) Master in theearly days and has for many years served as School Director. In religionhe is a member of the United Brethern and a regular attendant upon theservices at Prairie Chapel.----I inserted the question mark , I am notsure if I copied wrong or can't read my own wrighting. Shirley. Reference: 134350. He appeared on the census of 1850 at Edgar Co, Ill.80

There were no children of David2 Handley and Susan Dickson.

Children of David2 Handley and Hannah Patterson were as follows:

9. John2 Handley (Samuel1) was born in 1821 at Muhlenberg Co, KY.83 He married Emeline (--?--). He married Rhoda Baker on 27 Jun 1849 at Clark Co, IL.84 He died in 1902.85

He Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. Reference: 134381. Reference: 4531. Reference: 134382. He appeared on the census of 1850 at Edgar Co, Ill.86 He was Type: Lived in 1889 at Paris Twp, IL.

Children of John2 Handley and Emeline (--?--) were:

There were no children of John2 Handley and Rhoda Baker.

10. Sarah J2 Handley (Samuel1) was born circa 1828 at Edgar Co, IL.87 She married Joseph B Dickson on 17 Mar 1845 at Edgar Co, IL.88 She married Peter Stipp on 2 Apr 1857 at Edgar Co, IL.89 She married Joseph Clapp on 21 Sep 1873 at Edgar Co, IL.90,91 She died on 26 Nov 1887.92 She was buried UNKNOWN at Quinn Cemetery, Symmes Twp, Edgar Co, IL.

Reference: 4532. She Sarah Dickson in Clark Co IL census 1850, wife of Joseph B. Martha 5,Thomas 3, William 1, all b IL also in hh Samuel Handly, b 1777 PA 1845 mg Edgar IL records, Book LA p186, performed by C. Landes, JP (SarahHandley and Joseph B. Dickson) IL Edgar mg rec: Clapp, Joseph 1873-09-21 Dickson, Sarah p 4 of Vol:1870-1874 ne: wonder if named daughters Barbary E. and Mary A. were from thissecond marriage? possibly a George Washington? Quinn Cemetery Symmes Twp Edgar Co IL CLAP, Sarah, wife of Joseph b May 7, 1825 d Nov 26, 1887. Reference: 134420. Reference: 134431. Reference: 134436.

Children of Sarah J2 Handley and Joseph B Dickson were as follows:

There were no children of Sarah J2 Handley and Peter Stipp.

There were no children of Sarah J2 Handley and Joseph Clapp.

Generation Three

11. Levi3 Clapp (Lydia2Handley, Samuel1) was born on 21 May 1827 at Edgar Co, IL. He married Malinda Harriet Griffin on 9 Nov 1851 at Clark Co, IL.96 He died on 18 May 1875 at Edgar Co, IL, at age 47. He was buried UNKNOWN at Donica Point, now Shields Cemetery, Coles Co, IL.

Reference: 34967. He Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. Reference: 500709.

Children of Levi3 Clapp and Malinda Harriet Griffin were as follows:

12. Daniel3 Clapp (Lydia2Handley, Samuel1) was born on 22 Dec 1829 at Edgar Co, IL. He married Hetty Ann Munnell on 28 Oct 1851 at Coles Co, IL. He died in 1882 at Cass Co, NE. He was buried UNKNOWN at Eagle Cemetery, Cass Co, NE.

Reference: 34968. He Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. Reference: 500721.

Children of Daniel3 Clapp and Hetty Ann Munnell were as follows:

13. Sarah A3 Clapp (Lydia2Handley, Samuel1) was born on 19 Apr 1834. She married Samuel Peoples on 28 Nov 1850 at Coles Co, IL.97 She died on 19 Sep 1851 at age 17.

Reference: 34970. She Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. Reference: 500740.

Children of Sarah A3 Clapp and Samuel Peoples were as follows:

14. Emanuel3 Clapp (Lydia2Handley, Samuel1) was born on 16 Dec 1839 at Clark Co, IL. He married Nancy Elizabeth Owens on 5 Dec 1861 at Coles Co, IL.98 He died UNKNOWN.

Reference: 34973. He Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. Reference: 500763.

Children of Emanuel3 Clapp and Nancy Elizabeth Owens were as follows:

15. Joseph3 Clapp, Jr (Lydia2Handley, Samuel1) was born on 13 Sep 1843 at Clark Co, IL. He married Samantha E Curtis on 13 Apr 1865 at Coles Co, IL.99 He married Anna J circa 1894.100 He married Mary Eye in 1897.101 He died on 3 Aug 1917 at age 73. He was buried UNKNOWN at Appleton City Cemetery, St Clair Co, MO.

Reference: 34975. He Joseph Clapp Jr. is named as a son and executor in the 1890 Douglas Co ILwill of Joseph Clapp Bible record from Bessie Clapp Coles IL mg rec, Joseph m 1865-04-13 Curtis, Samantha E 1870 census Douglas Co IL, Joseph and Samantha, laborer John Hanly age 35b IL Bessie Clapp: Joseph Clapp b 1843 Clark Co IL m Samantha --- for 30years. She died 1893. Then married Anna who died 1896, met my grandmotherand m in 1897. [ne: so the Joseph Clapp marriage in Terre Haute IN in 1893 does not fitthis family] no children by 1st 2 wives, Joseph was a Baptist minister. He joined thelodge in Fairland IL 1893. Grandmother was 25 years younger and had 5children 2 died at birth. Grandfather was 65 years old when my fatherJoseph Jr was born.[ne: her father was actually the third Joseph and her fourth greatgrandfather was John Clapp of Edgar Co IL]. Reference: 500785. Reference: 500803. Reference: 500806.

There were no children of Joseph3 Clapp, Jr and Samantha E Curtis.

There were no children of Joseph3 Clapp, Jr and Anna J.

Children of Joseph3 Clapp, Jr and Mary Eye were:

16. Alexander3 Handley (Matthew2, Samuel1) was born in 1843 at Edgar Co, Ill.102 He married an unknown person. He died UNKNOWN.

Reference: 500463. Reference: 34943. He Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. He appeared on the census of 1850 at Edgar Co, Ill.103

Children of Alexander3 Handley and an unknown spouse were:

17. George W3 Handley (Samuel2, Samuel1) was born in 1840 at Edgar Co, IL.104 He married Lydia Ann Parrish on 17 Oct 1861 at Edgar Co, IL.105 He died on 18 Jan 1910 at Terre Haute, IN.106 He was buried UNKNOWN at Highland Lawn Cemetary in Terre Haute, IN.107

Reference: 2582. He Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. Reference: 90692.

Children of George W3 Handley and Lydia Ann Parrish were as follows:

18. Arminta3 Handley (Samuel2, Samuel1) was born on 17 Aug 1850 at Edgar Co, IL.124 She married George Ruttman. She died UNKNOWN.

Reference: 4489. She Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. Reference: 133551.

Children of Arminta3 Handley and George Ruttman were as follows:

19. Sarah Ellen3 Hyden (Cynthia2Handley, Samuel1) was born in 1842 at Clarke, Illinois.126 She married James Offield. She married William Stewart on 10 Apr 1861 at Hempstead, Arkansas.127 She married John Bullard on 12 Mar 1874 at Hill, Texas.128,129 She died circa 1900.130

Reference: 39073. She [Bullard Family.FTW] 1. I Aaron Burlison, an acting and duly commissioned Justice of the Peacein and for the Co. of Hempstead in the state of Arkansas do certify thatI did, at the county aforesaid on the 10th day of April, 1861, duly joinin marriage William Stewart, aged 24 and Sarah Ellen Hyden aged 20, allof said county and state. Filed Sep. 30, 1861. 2. Sarah E. Hyden appeared in the 1850 Hempstead Co. Ark census with JohnHyden her father and Lethy her mother. 3. From a letter from Randy Offield, descendant of James?: I have Hill Co. Tax records showing James Offield living in that countyfrom 1854 until 1872. In 1873, Ellen Offield is listed as taxpayer and in1874, no Offield is shown. The 1874 record also shows a selling ofproperty by John Bullard. I can only guess that James died in late 1872or early 1873, Ellen probably held on for a year, then married John Bullard in March, 1874 andthey moved to Johnson Co. On the 1880 Johnson Co. census, about twohouses away from John and Ellen is an Asa Bullard, his wife and sevenchildren. Perhaps this Asa is John's brother and that is why they madethe move there?? The third census entry that you mentioned in yourletter is that of James William and Rebecca A. Denton Offield and theirfirst child, Harriet Louisa. They eventually had eight children,including my great-grandfather Charles Fillip Offield. Rebecca was thesecond child of William D. and Nancy Denton and was born in Arkansas. I'mnot sure what county she was born in, but were the Dentons friends ofEllen and her family when she lived in Arkansas??? William and NancyDenton lived three houses from James and Ellen in the 1870 Hill Co.census. It is only speculation, but perhaps James met Ellen because sheand Rebecca, his daughter-in-law, were long time friends from Arkansas. 4. !SOURCE:Bernice Hill/Bill Parnell; yr of birth from 1900 JohnsonCounty census (she was living with Walter Noble family). Reference: 502994. Reference: 503005. Reference: 534622.

There were no children of Sarah Ellen3 Hyden and James Offield.

Children of Sarah Ellen3 Hyden and William Stewart were:

Children of Sarah Ellen3 Hyden and John Bullard were:

20. Emma Catherine3 Handley (David2, Samuel1) was born on 19 Mar 1863 at Illinois.131,132 She married John Benjamin Massey. She died on 7 Oct 1948 at Illinois at age 85.133,134

Reference: 99072. Reference: 1403. She Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. She lived in 1889 at Champaign City, IL.

Children of Emma Catherine3 Handley and John Benjamin Massey were:

21. Hannah3 Handley (David2, Samuel1) married Abner Russell. She died after 1889.

Reference: 36122. She Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. Reference: 511641.

Children of Hannah3 Handley and Abner Russell were as follows:

Descendants of Mary Martha Ripple

Generation One

22. Mary Martha1 Ripple was born between 1780 and 1790 at PA.139 She married Samuel Handley on 4 Sep 1804 at Muhlenberg Co, KY.140 She died on 31 Mar 1850 at Edgar Co, IL.141

Reference: 4443. She Source from Hills/Hatcher Family Tree on World Connect. Reference: 129478.

Children of Mary Martha1 Ripple and Samuel Handley were as follows:

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