These pages are my initial attempt at presenting the results of my genealogical research.  I became interested in family history as a teenager in the 1960's when I discovered a pedigree chart that Lee Tarble, a distant cousin of my mother, had prepared a decade earlier.  My early interest gave me a chance to seek information from older relatives who have now passed on.  

Over the past 30 years, there have been some times of very active research and long periods where other interests and obligations left little time for genealogical pursuits.  In recent years, as computers have become an increasingly important tool for genealogical research, I have begun the arduous task of recording my information in a computer database.  These pages will reflect the progress of that effort.

In my early years of research, most of the information I discovered was entered directly on family group sheets.  Although I was fairly consistent about recording the names of the sources I consulted, combining the information from several sources on a single family group sheet has often made it unclear which information came from which sources.  As I have begun entering information into my database, I have noted the source only where it is clear that the information came from that source (for example, if I have photocopies or have reexamined the original source materials).

Like any genealogical work, my pages are a work in progress.  There are certainly large gaps and undoubedtly errors.  Please feel free to point these out to me!

David K. Staub