Areas of Practice

Business Law
We counsel clients at all stages of the business cycle. We advise start-ups, as well as third-generation family-owned businesses; single owner businesses as well as publicly traded corporations.

In the early stage of a business, we help create a structure which reflects the goals of that business. As a business grows, we assist clients as they seek capital from a variety of sources: seed capital, venture capital, conventional financing, private placements and public offerings. As a business matures, we provide advice on business acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and other strategic alliances. At this stage, we also help clients pursue other alternatives, including outright sale of the business, succession planning and public offerings of securities.

Throughout our representation, we emphasize that careful planning can reduce painful and costly disputes. We help guide our clients in managing their relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, investors and the government. Some examples include:

   Using executive compensation and other incentives to motivate and retain key employees.
   Instituting appropriate procedures for hiring, reviewing, disciplining and terminating employees.
   Protecting intangible business assets through confidentiality and non-competition agreements, license agreements, trademark registration, and protection of trade secrets.